Paul Mertzic Named PCS Board Chair

August 27, 2015
PRESS CONTACT: Monica Bardier

MANCHESTER, N.H. Pastoral Counseling Services (PCS) is pleased to announce this year’s Paul Mertzic, Executive Director of Community Health Services at Catholic Medical Center has been named PCS’ Board Chair for the 2015-2016 term which began June 1st. Paul has been very connected to PCS, first through Sister Margaret Ahern who received the Good Samaritan Award and then through his volunteer work on the GSA nominating committee. Paul eventually took more of a leadership role by joining the PCS Board of Directors. Paul says he will work hard with his fellow Board Members to uncover more grant opportunities that would further support PCS’ mission.

About PCS

Pastoral Counseling Services (PCS) was founded in 1979 is celebrating 35 years and provides the best psychotherapeutic techniques while respecting the natural connection between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions in the psychotherapy process. PCS is an agency in which clients Feel Heard, Feel Cared for and Feel Better. In addition to our counseling services, PCS impacts the vitality of the community by partnering with other non-profit organizations to help underserved & at risk populations with stress management techniques. PCS also honors those who pursue extraordinary measures to strengthen communities and improve life in New Hampshire with the Good Samaritan Awards, an annual tradition since 1996.