Meet Our Staff

PCS has an experienced and distinguished staff. Below is a profile summary of each staff member.

Calvin R. Genzel, Ph.D., LP

Executive Director
NH Licensed Psychologist #813
Nashua Satellite Office
Specialty: Psychological & Vocational Testing, Sexual Identity & Orientation, Co-dependency & Trauma
Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 116

Dr. Calvin Genzel is licensed as a Psychologist in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  A graduate of Boston University, he did his clinical training at the Danielsen Institute.  His areas of clinical expertise include trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, and spiritual development.  He also conducts psychological assessments and provides vocational counseling.

Melissa M. Grudinski, M.S.W., LICSW, MLADC (she/her/hers)

Director of Clinical Services
NH Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker #2165
NH Master Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor # 1215
Specialty: Trauma, Grief and Loss, Women’s Issues, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, Addictions, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Management
Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 118

Melissa Grudinski is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Drug & Alcohol Counselor. She brings her professional experience working with survivors of traumatic loss, childhood abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault into her role at PCS. Specialty areas include: trauma, grief and loss, women’s issues, transitions, intellectual/developmental disabilities, addictions, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. Melissa provides ongoing clinical therapy for teens, adults, and families.

Audrey Watjen, M.S.W., LICSW

NH Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker #82
Specialty: Depression, Developmental Disabilities, Women’s Issues, Psychiatric Illness, Relationship Issues
Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 114

Audrey Watjen is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years experience in mental health. In addition to providing individual and couples counseling for adults, Audrey has particular experience working with depression, developmental disabilities, women’s issues, psychiatric illness, and relationship issues. Audrey is also a NH certified Guardian ad Litem and had experience as an Employee Assistance professional.

Mark A. Baddeley, M.Ed., M.A. LCMHC

NH Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor #897
Specialty: Children and Family Matters, Separation, Trauma, Family Instability
Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 127

Mark Baddeley is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with extensive experience in child and adolescent therapy in school based programs as well as the private sector. He earned his Masters and undergraduate degrees from the University of New Hampshire. Specialty areas include trauma focused cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and connecting children of divorce and separation with their families.

Christie Faella, LCMHC, MLADC, RN

NH Licensed Mental Health Counselor # 576
NH Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor # 0623
Phone:  (603) 627-2702 ext: 117

Christie Faella is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, a Master Alcohol and Drug Counselor and a Registered Nurse. She completed her Master of Counseling Psychology degree at Antioch University. Christie provides counseling for adults of all ages, couples and same sex couples. Christie’s treatment approach is client centered, integrative and holistic. Christie believes in the life transforming power of mindfulness and self-compassion to invite the transformation of difficult places. Christie has experience working with those who experience a variety of addictions and offers Substance Use Evaluations for clients. Specialty areas include anxiety/panic, mood disorders, stress management, grief, sexual orientation, gender identity, enhanced work performance and trauma. She is a certified yoga teacher and has also studied Buddhist & Hindu thought which she incorporates into her therapy.

Emily Geoghegan, Ph.D., LP

NH Licensed Psychologist #992
Specialty: Mood disorders, spiritual growth & development, stress management through mindfulness meditation
Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 119

A Licensed Psychologist, the Rev. Dr. Emily Geoghegan clinical expertise includes mood disorders, spiritual growth & development and stress management through mindfulness meditation. She enjoys working in the community as well, teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Management skills, particularly with homeless populations.

Lois E. Goss, MA, MSW, LICSW

NH Licensed Clinical Social Worker #929
Specialties: Parenting, Adolescents, Relationship Issues, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Depression ADHD and Spiritual Growth.
Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext:

Having been a teacher for many years, Lois brings experience working with children, adolescents and adults. She earned her Masters Degrees from Salem State University and the University of New Hampshire. She enjoys working with adults of all ages and values all people. She believes that encouragement and support are needed wherever we are in life as well as focusing on the unique strengths each of us possess.

Carol Hart, M.S.W., LICSW

NH Licensed Clinical Social Worker # 1270
Specialty:Energy Psychology, Psycho-spiritual Issues, Adults, Couples, Groups 
603-627-2702 ext: 145

Carol Hart is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She works mainly with adults, couples, and groups, facilitating the journey toward greater emotional health and well-being. Carol has had experience with a wide range of psychological issues and populations. She works with people who are experiencing anxiety and/or depressive disorders, as well as trauma, relational, and psycho-spiritual issues. Her style includes influences from a variety of psychological thought and holistic psychotherapy. For those who are open to it, one of the ways she works is with a blend of Western psychology, and Eastern knowledge of the body as an electromagnetic energy system, known as Energy Psychology.

Carol Knieriem, M.S.W., LICSW

NH Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker #138
Specialty: Anxiety/Panic, Depression, Mood Disorders, Stress, Women’s Issues, Parenting, Grief, Anger Management, Work Issues, Trauma
Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 130

Carol is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and provides counseling for adults of all ages, couples and same sex couples. Specialty areas include anxiety/panic, depression, mood disorders, stress, women’s issues, parenting, grief, anger management, work issues and trauma. Carol is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Certified and practices and teaches Mindful Meditation. She also has studied Buddhist thought which she incorporates into her therapy.

Debra LaMalfa, M.S., LCMHC

NH Licensed Mental Health Counselor # 2069 Specialty: Attachment, Trauma Recovery, Life Stage Transitions, Grief
Special Interests: Adolescents, Adults and Families
Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 125

Debra LaMalfa provides on-going therapy for individuals, couples and families using techniques which draw from psychodynamic, Self-Psychology, family-systems and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Debra brings years of experience working in the medical field as a Certified Birth Doula (DONA International) where she provided emotional, educational and physical support for pregnant women during all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Debra’s special-interests are in attachment, trauma-recovery, life stage transitions and grief.

Kevin Longo, LCMHC, MLADC

NH Licensed Mental Health Counselor # 704
NH Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor # 0625
Specialty: Substance Abuse
Phone:  (603) 627-2702 ext: 143

Kevin is a Masters Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.  He completed his Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Psychology at Rivier College.  For the past 15 years he has worked with opioid dependent individuals.  Kevin’s interests include working with those who experience a variety of addictions, PTSD, anxiety and mood disorders. He is also able to complete Substance Use Evaluations for his clients.

Kathleen Regan, M.S.W., LICSW

NH Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker #1073
Specialty:  Chronic Illness, Adult and Childhood Disabilities, Mood Disorders, Women’s Issues, Aging, Caregiving Stress, Grief and Loss
Phone:  (603) 627-2702 ext: 121

Kathleen has extensive experience working with adults in a variety of medical settings over the past 25 years. She earned her MSW from Simmons College in Boston, MA and started her career as a practical nurse in pediatrics before going into clinical social work and private practice. Kathleen especially enjoys group work and has led bereavement groups, stress management groups, and caregiver support groups.

David B. Reynolds, D.Min., LPP

NH Licensed Pastoral Psychotherapist #36
Bedford Satellite Office
Specialty: Trauma, Spiritual Issues, Step-Family
Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 113

The Rev. Dr. David Reynolds’ primary focus is the integration of spirituality and psychology during the clinical process. He is adept at working with clients dealing with trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, and crisis management. Dr. Reynolds promotes the services and mission of PCS to the Manchester area. Also, he frequently presents lectures and seminars at churches, schools, and businesses on a variety of topics, including transitions, values, and productivity. Dr. Reynolds also provides consultation and spiritual direction.

Ken Robertson, M/Div., M.S., LCMHC

NH Licensed Mental Health Counselor #2215
Specialty:  Couples, Marriage, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Spiritual Issues
Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 115

The Rev. Ken Robertson is an ordained minister with over 30 years of counseling experience in pastoral care and spiritual development. He has over 10 years of counseling experience with drug and alcohol issues and was an Executive Director for a sober housing facility. He provides clinical therapy for individuals dealing with issues like anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, and spiritual growth. He also works with couples doing pre-marital, marriage, and couple’s therapy.

Jennifer Bernet, M.Ed., M.S.W., LICSW

NH Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker #2284
Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 1

Jennifer’s goal is to help people weather life changes and grow into the individuals they are meant to be. She uses an eclectic approach grounded in the person centered philosophy of Carl Rogers. She also offers Brainspotting, a powerful, focused treatment that works by identifying, processing and releasing core sources of emotional/physical pain and trauma that are stored in the body and mind. She sees health as the positive interrelationship of body, mind and spirit, with all being fostered and nurtured to help clients reach their goals.


Karen LeClair – M.S., MHC Intern Therapist

Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext:120

Karen is currently completing her graduate degree of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at New England College. She holds a Master of Education from SNHU and completed her undergrad in health education at Salem State University. Karen is delighted to fulfill her internship studies at PCS where she is able to provide therapy to improve overall wellness from a holistic and client-centered approach.

Judy Kollmorgen – M.S.W. Resident Therapist

Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 139

Judy has her Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from Simmons University. Judy has experience working with crisis intervention, women’s issues, stage of life changes, anxiety, and depression. Judy pulls from cognitive behavioral and narrative approaches to help guide clients towards their goals.

Jillian Pelchat – M.S.W. Resident Therapist

Phone: 603-627-2702 ext: 138

Jillian Pelchat has a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of New Hampshire. She is passionate about her work and finds great joy in accompanying clients on their journey of self-growth.  Jillian is currently working towards completing a dual license as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LISCW) and Masters Level Alcohol and Drug Counselor (MLADC).  She is delicate and intentional about her work meeting the client where they are, utilizing psychotherapeutic modalities.  Areas of focus include substance use disorder, couples counseling, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, trauma, grief & loss, and finding a balance in the client’s sense of self and life management. 

Cristina Rackliffe, M.S.W. – Resident Therapist

Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 117

Cristina Rackliffe recently earned her Master’s degree in Social Work with a Certificate in Trauma-Informed Care at the University of New England. Cristina’s approach honors the mind-body-spirit connection in addressing anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, grief and loss, spiritual growth, life transitions, and women’s issues.

Julie Berglund, M.S.W. – Resident Therapist

Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 1

Julie Berglund is an MSW graduate from Simmons University. She has experience working in both community mental health and private practice. She has served 3 years on a mental health/ substance use crisis team, and has experience in treating patients at an eating disorder clinic. Her practice focuses on integrating both clinical psychology and spirituality to facilitate a holistic practice for clients. Julie’s interests include working with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and loss, addiction, and mood disorders. She is currently working towards a dual license to become a Master’s Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (MLADC) and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW).

Administrative Staff

Beth Gravel – Administrative Assistant

Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 110

Liz Mailhot – Administrative Assistant

Phone: (603) 627-2702 ext: 137