Clergy And Congregational Care

The Clergy and Congregational Care (CCC) Program provides a variety of educational, psychotherapeutic and consultative services for religious communities in the areas of: psychotherapy, spiritual direction, and psychological testing for religious leaders. Also, CCC provides services for congregations such as education in grief, transitions, appreciative inquiry, and conflict resolution.

CCC is an initiative from the Samaritan Institute of Denver, CO, an international network of spiritually oriented psychotherapy, of which PCS is a member, funded by the Lilly Foundation.

For more information on the CCC Program, contact Dr. David Reynolds at 603-627-2702 at extension 113.


Programs for Religious Leaders of all Denominations and Faiths

Psychotherapy Services
Solving problems and issues in daily life either individually, in couples or family counseling.

Spiritual Direction
Focus on the inner journey or spirit, nurturing disciplines, and awareness of barriers.

Psychological Testing
Assessment for seminarians and personality assessment for clergy

Conflict Resolution, visioning, planning retreats

Clergy Couples
Help for the unique issues of religious leaders and spouse/partners.

Vocational Assessment
Assessment of career goals and changes.
Pastoral Leadership Development Group


Safe Church
Develop policies, procedures, and education to prevent child abuse in church setting and your community.

Church Assessment Tool
An instrument to determine the drivers of energy and satisfaction for church members’ ideal for visioning, transition planning, and succession planning.

Appreciative Inquiry
A process for visioning that builds on congregational strengths.


The Rev. Dr. Calvin R. Genzel
Executive Director

Dr. Calvin Genzel is licensed as a Psychologist in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  A graduate of Boston University, he did his clinical training at the Danielsen Institute.  His areas of clinical expertise include trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, and spiritual development.  He also conducts psychological assessments and provides vocational counseling.

The Rev. Dr. Emily B. Geoghegan

A Licensed Psychologist, the Rev. Dr. Emily Geoghegan clinical expertise includes mood disorders, spiritual growth & development and stress management through mindfulness meditation. She enjoys working in the community as well, teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Management skills, particularly with homeless populations.

The Rev. Dr. David B. Reynolds

Dr. David Reynolds’ primary focus is the integration of spirituality and psychology during the clinical process. He is adept at working with clients dealing with trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, and crisis management. Dr. Reynolds promotes the services and mission of PCS to the Manchester area. Also, he frequently presents lectures and seminars at churches, schools, and businesses on a variety of topics, including transitions, values, and productivity. Dr. Reynolds also provides consultation and spiritual direction. He is at the Bedford Satellite Office one day a week.